Power Point To match “His Story” Video

I made a mistake on the Iceland volcano  as I stated in the video. The scripture for that is 2 Peter1,2010.

Also you will notice that I used that same scripture for Thomas Edison in 1910. 2010 carries over from the book of Proverbs and 1910 carries over from the book of Psalms. Psalms covers the 1900’s or 20th century and Proverbs covers the 2000’s or 21rst century. How long is a century? 100 Years! That is why there is a 100 year gap! we went from the 19th book in the Bible to the 20th. It also works that way in the old testament only 100 years back. You might want to view my Time of the end Bible code Video part 2 understanding the charts.

Presentation History power point

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