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    The past, present and future recorded in the Bible

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    This book is non-fiction and should be taken seriously. Contained within the Authorized King James version of the Bible and the Hebrew and Greek that it was translated from is a calendar to the end of time. Slightly out of sight to the non-believer and the skeptic, modern day events are recorded in the plain text of the Bible in each chapter by the year. The Bible is a calendar of events and it is counting down. In 2009 we entered into the last 22 years of time. The Mayan Calendar was a fake or at least what we were told about it was. It may have been a calendar that ended in 2012 but that is all it was. People made up stories about what they thought it might mean and they were wrong. The Bible Countdown Calendar comes from the original book that governs our planet. The source of all existence. The Bible. This is not a guessing game. The calendar is governed by numbers. If you can do simple math and are able to read, then you can search out these events for yourself. This book teaches you how to search for these events in history yourself and contains an extra set of charts for you to cut out and use for your own studies. I will lightly touch on the math to give you a glimpse to how it works. Psalms is the 19th book in the Bible and covers the 1900’s. Psalms 1 is 1901, Palms 2, 1902 and so on. You can continue to number your Bible right on through to Psalms 130 for the year 2030. What you do is look up an event that happened in history by the year on the internet or in a history book, or maybe you remember when it happened. Next you look at the words in the chapter to see if it contains the event. I have found many events in the book of Psalms that prove this but it seemed a little vague. I needed more proof. Next I simply went to the same number of chapter in the New Testament that I was in the Old Testament (from the book of Psalms) and numbered it for the same year. The results were amazing! Sometimes the words that match the events are only written one time in the entire Bible. If you were to go one chapter to the left or to the right the story would not be there. Each chapter represents a year. The events happen in order by year. I am not just picking isolated chapters. You could pick chapters using any book. This is distinct order. The Bible cannot be changed. If you added one chapter to the Bible the calendar would be off. That is why the book of Revelation warns us not to add to or take away from this book. It is a time piece. A calendar to the end of time. There is a third part to this but I do not want to give too much away at this point. You will be amazed.


    About the author:
    Pastor Steven M Weyerts is an ordained minister of the gospel. He pastored a church in Deer Trail CO. for approximately six years. Before that he was a youth pastor in a Baptist church until he was filled with the Holy Ghost and they kicked him out. “Get off my property! You are trespassing!” He also had a radio program once a week at a local radio station, KLDC of Denver CO, for one year. He has been asked to speak at various church events such as tent revivals, men’s breakfast, full gospel businessmen’s and even the Navajo Nation in Arizona. He is a veteran from our armed forces 82nd Airborne Division, Ft. Bragg North Carolina, a carpenter and a Wisconsin dairy farmer. In 2009 he discovered the Bible Countdown Calendar contained within the King James Bible. He then started his website timeoftheendbiblecode.com and his YouTube channel Steve Weyerts to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth. He currently resides in WI and works a full time job as a maintenance man for over one thousand units. He patiently awaits the day he can quit his day job and work full time for God. You can help by purchasing this book. It will be an inspiration to you and all the people you tell. Time is getting short and Jesus is coming soon!
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