Baptism, Photo, Demons in the Water!

Baptism in Jesus Name  Notice the goat head in the bottom right! There is a close up picture at the bottom of the page and a color invert shows the teeth!

This picture was taken in June 2005. It was taken in a swimming pool at one of the member’s home of Open Door Church at Mulberry, AR. About eight people were baptized that night and pictures taken of each person as they came out of the water. All pictures were taken by the same camera. Looking at the picture from left to right is Pastor Aaron Medlock, Jerry Blevins and Evangelist Dr. Elijah Burkhart.

The night of the baptism we saw nothing in the water. When the eight pictures came back from being developed at Wal-Mart Photo Lab this is the only one that had faces. Jerry (the one being baptized) was the one that pointed out the faces in the water. He said, “Them are demons that came out of me, I felt like every demon in Hell left my body that night.”

Some say the faces are reflection on the water but Jerry says they are demons. He is still in Church and serving Jesus as his LORD and savior. He is still set free.

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