1880 Analytical Concordance to the Bible By Robert Young, LL.D.


This is exactly like the one I have at home. In the front is a section called Hints and Helps to Bible Interpretation. I have heard Kenneth Hagin refer to this section as a book by Robert H. Young that was no longer in print. He talked about verb usage like “God smote (could have been translated according to the verb) allowedthem to be smitten. I prayed and asked God for the book because I could not find it. One day visiting my in-laws in CA I drove by a Christian bookstore and felt compelled to go in and ask for this book. The Man said he had never heard of it but he would show me the section of used books in the store. When I opened the cover to this concordance I new my prayers had been answered. Thank you Father! I did not even realize at the time what part this would play in my search for the truth. This has become a very powerful tool for me for use with the BIBLE CALENDAR.

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